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Maine Snowmobiling

Liberty General Store is glad to support our friends and neighbors who enjoy hitting the Maine snowmobile trails.

To help you enjoy your next Maine snowmobiling adventure we have listed some helpful links and safety tips below.

You can jump on the snowmobile trails in Liberty right from Liberty General Store.

We have the off-road fuel you need to keep your sled ready to go.  We also have the drinks, gear and food you need to make sure you’re ready to go!

Helpful Links


Palermo Snowmobile Club


Maine Snowmobile Association


Snowmobile Maine


Snowmobile Regulations in Maine


Snowmobile Trails in Liberty Maine



Snowmobile Safety Tips

  • Never operate a snowmobile under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Slow Down- speed is a contributing factor in just about every snowmobile related accident

  • Dress Appropriately- wear layers of water repellant clothing to help keep you warm. Wear your helmet and goggles to help protect you from any flying debris

  • Have A Fist Aid Kit- at the very least your first aid kit should have a knife, compass, waterproof matches and a whistle

  • Avoid Unsafe Bodies Of Water- if you are not sure about a lake or pond-be safe and avoid it

  • Stay On Marked Trails- staying on marked trails will help to avoid the chances of an accident due to striking items like a tree stump which may be concealed by snow

  • Keep Children Safe- be sure that children hold safety handles and have their feet on running boards.

  • Never Travel Alone- most snowmobile accidents result in injury.  Always ride with friends, but if you must ride alone, tell someone your destination and time of arrival

Have A Fun & Safe Snowmobiling Adventure

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